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The TV Key Facts report is published annually, providing analysis of big international trends in TV and online video in terms of consumption, content, advertising effectiveness, spend levels, innovations and ad tech. We hope you enjoy industry experts and our pieces of media and advertising news all year long.


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Beating the market in a tough media climate

Beating the market in a tough media climate

Even without coronavirus, it’s been a time of upheaval for media sales, as its role in the advertising ecosystem shifts once again. We asked four leading media and advertising figures from RTL Group to look back at the impact on their industry, how they responded,...

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Almost human (Lisha Li,

Almost human (Lisha Li,

Rosebud AI is a San Francisco-based synthetic media company that creates CGI models that are indistinguishable from real humans. The company provides a vast library of photos and videos of a diverse range of virtual models, called Generative Photos.In the videos, the...